Warm Mexican Corn Salad

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Hello, friends! How is it already August?! This summer has been flying by. As I’ve mentioned in my posts, I’ve been trying to play around with making different warm Mexican corn salads because I LOVE the flavor, and it makes the perfect side dish. Corn SCREAMS summer to me, and I’ve found myself craving this more and more lately. I found this amazing recipe on Skinnytaste that tastes great, but for me, 7 Smartpoints is pretty high for just a side dish.  And when one of my favorite followers and Instagram friends Amy recommended a couple of different ways to make the dish, I decided to play around and find what works.

Before I write the recipe, please just know that you CAN play around with this! If you want more corn because you want a bigger side dish, add more corn and adjust accordingly! If you don’t like spicy, emit the chili powder. If you have more points, add more cheese… you get the gist J but, if you want a delicious 4 point side dish, then here you go!

I also want to note that in the past, I’ve used light mayo instead of the Bolthouse Farms dressing and it’s just as good – but if you do that, make sure you pick up some fresh cilantro and add it in! The cilantro definitely makes this dish.

Warm Mexican Corn Salad


-¾ cup of corn (3 Smartpoints)
-1 Tbsp Bolthouse Farms Cilantro Avocado dressing (1 Smartpoint) *Note: you can use up to 2 Tbsps of this dressing for 1 smartpoint, so if you want it creamier, add more – the points will stay the same!
-1/2 oz fat-free feta cheese (0 Smartpoints) *Note: I used the President brand fat-free feta but I know that there are other brands where you can have a full ounce for 0 Smartpoints – so feel free to add more cheese if you have the points or if you’re using a different brand!
-Juice from ½ of a fresh lime
-Dash of chili powder (if you have the Chili Lime Seasoning from Trader Joe’s, I recommend that! Otherwise, regular chili powder does the trick)
-Dash of garlic powder
-Salt & pepper to taste

-I used a microwavable bag of corn, so first I steamed it in the microwave. Alternatively, you could grill the corn as well, or boil it, but make sure it’s warm when you’re mixing everything!
-Mix all ingredients together & enjoy!

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