Costco – Top Finds

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Hello, friends! Last night, when I posted on my story asking people their favorite Weight Watchers-friendly Costco finds, I had so many people ask me to share a compiled list of what people say! So I put together this list – and tried to link as many things as possible so that you could see images of what things looked like, or look up the nutrition facts. I haven’t tried all of these things myself – but these were the top recommendations I received! I hope you enjoy!

-Goodfoods individual cranberry walnut chicken salads in their deli section (4sp each)
Bibigo chicken & cilantro mini wontons in their frozen section
-Portioned out chicken breasts (Charlie and I always buy these and just take out however many we need that night! We do the same for salmon and ground beef)
Kirkland brand lean ground beef, pre-portioned into 1lb packages (this is our favorite!)
-Kirkland brand water bottles – very cheap!
-Big bags of frozen fruit
Roasted seaweed
-Turkey jerky
-Chicken sausage (I purchased the Casual Gourmet Roasted Garlic chicken sausage)
Good foods guacamole
Quinoa salad cups
-Skinny pop pre-portioned bags
Gilbert’s bourbon apple chicken sausages
-Bags of fresh riced cauliflower
Premier protein shakes (these are 2sp – they’re good alone, or mixed with espresso/coffee!)
Cello cheese whisps
-Laughing Cow Cheese
-Quaker Oats
-Almond milk
-Rice crackers (one of my followers told me that they’re super good with hummus or spreadable laughing cow cheese!)
-Grapes – freeze half and use the other half throughout the week
Perdue Buffalo Style Glazed wings
Healthy Choice fudge bars
Kodiak Cakes (healthy pancake mix!)
-Veggie straws
PB fit (similar to PB2 – a lower-fat option than peanut butter)
-Rotisserie chicken
-Halo Top (one of my favorite healthy ice creams!)
Chicken skewers (I LOVE these! A personal favorite)
Hawaiian style chicken
Sandwich Bros Chicken Melts (in the frozen section)
Pacific Gold beef jerky in individual packages

1 comments on “Costco – Top Finds”

  1. Thank you for compiling this, Bailey. I always get overwhelmed when I get to Costco. This will really help. Just wanted you to know I appreciated your work !


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