Iceland Packing – Food & Drinks

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Hi, friends! As I’ve mentioned on my stories on my Instagram account, I’m going to Iceland next week! I’m so excited – there’s something about visiting a new city, and especially a new country, that makes me all giddy. There’s nothing I love more than traveling (and food). One of the parts I’m most excited about, is that Charlie hasn’t traveled anywhere outside of the U.S. aside from all-inclusive resorts in Mexico, which as you might know, are extremely Americanized. I’m so excited to see him see more of the world, and to see it with him!

One thing I’m a little nervous about: Iceland is expensive. While plane tickets there aren’t awful, almost all of the food in Iceland is imported, making things astronomically more expensive than the U.S. Another thing to note is that based on our itinerary, we aren’t going to have a lot of time to stop and lollygag around, looking for coffee shops and affordable restaurants. That’s why I’ve had to prepare even more than I normally would for a trip like this.

I wanted to show you guys some of the things I’m bringing along, and hopefully inspire you for next time you’re going on a similar trip!

  • RxBars. These are SUPER natural and have great ingredients – they’ll be perfect for on-the-go breakfasts!
  • Epic Bars. You’ve probably seen me post about these on my Instagram/story a lot, but I LOVE them! I always have one in my purse in case I’m in a situation where I’m starving and want something point-friendly. They’re 2 Smart Points only, and have tons of protein. I’ll definitely be having these on any roadtrips we do while we’re there!
  • Trader Joe’s Single Trail Mix Packs. Let’s be honest – we all know that if I don’t have single serve packs, I will eat the entire bag. 🙂
  • Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides. I use this every morning in my coffee to help with hair, joints, skin and nails – it’s helped me with my hair and nails more than anything, personally! I also love that it has protein in it, because it helps hold me over until I’m ready for breakfast. A lot of people ask me if I notice a change in taste or texture – I only use half of a scoop, which is 0 Smart Points, and I don’t notice any change in taste/texture. Sometimes if I use more, I can notice a slight change – but I’m really sensitive to taste. I’m so happy because my friend Aubrey brought me the single serve packs when she visited me in D.C. so I will be bringing a few packs along for my coffee while I’m there!
  • Chameleon Cold Brew Pods. As I mentioned, I don’t know exactly what the coffee situation will be while I’m there – but from what I’ve been told, I don’t know if the coffee shops will be open at the times I’ll be traveling, and if they are, I don’t know if I’ll have time to stop. We have such a packed itinerary! So I am bringing these Cold Brew pods (you can read more about them on the link I attached above). I’m also bringing a big ole Weck Jar and will be steeping the Cold Brew in them overnight so that they’re good to go in the AM!
  • My vitamins! Every day, I take a Probiotic (I take these Nature’s Bounty Probiotic), Vitamin C and Zinc to help boost my immune system.

And that’s all! I’ll be sure to update this post if I think of more things I should bring along – and I’d love to hear your thoughts, too! Do you typically bring things on trips like this, and if so, what do you bring?

I’m hoping to do a post recapping my trip to Iceland, so stay tuned!


Iceland - Packing

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